About UNF


Like a prize fighter who dedicates years towards seizing an opportunity and moment under the bright lights, UpNext Promotions has come out swinging to quickly become the most active and popular regional MMA brand in California. Capacity crowds, quality production and entertainment, and well-matched, fan-friendly fights have become a staple of every UNF show.


Led by experienced combat sports veterans and a dedicated team of professionals, UpNext Promotions is bringing the Future of the Fight Game to life by focusing on providing its athletes and fans with the greatest experience in the world of combat sports. UpNext Fighting is strongly committed to helping MMA fighters achieve real and consistent success, opportunities, and exposure that others in the business simply do not offer. The UNF team is focused on providing our athletes an incredible platform to showcase their skills, entertain the fans, and advance their careers in and out of the cage.


From the moment an MMA fighter signs up to step into the UNF cage, regardless of whether the fighter is making a debut or is a veteran of the sport, UNF treats every fighter like a true champion and star of the sport. And from the moment fight fans arrive at a UNF event, they become immersed in an electric atmosphere and quality sports and entertainment experience that only the grandest of MMA events can provide. In a sport where so many are all about the hype, UNF is all about delivering amazing MMA events. The Future of the Fight Game is here and anyone part of the UNF family has a front row seat to who and what is UP NEXT!